Funny story. Since moving to Texas I was very interested in that southern treat–muscadine grapes. They aren’t that easy to find and it took me a couple years to track some down at a nursery some ways out of town.

Anyway, when I saw the vines for sale I exclaimed to my husband, “Look! Musca-deens!”

There happened to be an older gentlemen with reading glasses nearby. He looked up at me, peering over his glasses and said, “They are pronounced Musca-dine.”

He frowned slightly and his soft drawl made me feel like an ignorant Yankee. I immediately exclaimed my embarrassment. He seemed mollified.

I bought two vines. Of course, knowing nothing about them, I planted them and expected a good crop of grapes. I also found another one and planted it by itself an acre away.When nothing happened I read up on them.

Erb. Male and females pollinators? I must have had them all in the wrong spots. I moved the two to the one. They survived but I expected nothing this year.

However, I got one, count it, one grape off one vine and now look what I have on another vine. 😂

Next year should be better.

2 thoughts on “Muscadines

  1. Saw a recent thing on plant fertilisation. The trick is to plant something that flowers at the same time and has a very attractive scent(for bees). Since then I’ve noticed all the vineyards in Mudgee have roses at the end of every row. Advertising pays

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