When you live out (as in rural) the impact of Nature and its rhythms looms large. And in Texas, where you can spend significant time outdoors, one begins to see that Man and Nature tend to diverge on such things.

I once heard that if one wants to know the natural rhythm of our day (what is normal for man) we should spend a day observing Nature.

Of course, the first thing I noticed is that we live life entirely too fast. Rural living (and aging) has slowed me down. Remember that cliche…”Stop and smell the daisies?”

It rings true. The rush of life, getting ready for work, school, rushing to meet artificial deadlines, etc., deadens what Nature’s God has lovingly designed for us.

I was out watering the orchard this morning and I observed clouds in the bright morning sky. It came to me that I had noticed a slight change in the last few days.

A breeze was coming up in the afternoons, cooling the summer temps slightly. The days shorter, of course. And the clouds. All a harbinger of Fall. In years past I might have missed these little signs.

I would have noticed the dried grass and spent flowers and the slightly shorter days. But I would have missed the encroaching clouds and the afternoon breezes.

I thank the good God for this earthly garden. 🙏

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